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China Eastern

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Either this is a glitch or China Eastern's feeling generous, but as you can probably tell from today's string of posts, there's a pretty good sale going on to SE Asiaalbeit with very limited dates. So, we decided to consolidate some of the other cities into a single post.

Savings: $320+ / 48%+
Stops: Varies, but it's usually 1.
Availability: Extremely limited! September/October
Sample Dates:

Hong Kong (HKG) - $359
September 7th - September 14th
September 30th - October 5th

Seoul, Korea (ICN) - $359
September 7th - September 14th
September 27th - October 4th
September 30th - October 7th

Manila, Philippines (MNL) - $345
September 7th - September 14th
September 27th - October 4th

Skytrax Airline Rating: 3 stars
Hong Kong (HKG)
Seoul, Korea (ICN)
Manila, Philippines (MNL)

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