$372+ rt OAK to Oslo

Norwegian Air

10 Deal Rating

Deal Details

Savings: $260 / 37%. This takes into account the $65 Norwegian Air charges roundtrip for checked luggage.
Stops: Nonstop
Availability: August through October
Sample Dates:

September 20th - September 24th
October 11th - October 18th
October 18th - October 25th

August 23rd - August 29th
August 20th - September 6th
September 17th - September 24th
September 20th - September 27th
September 27th - October 5th
Skytrax Airline Rating: 3 stars
Destination: Olso, Norway (OSL)

Get The Deal

This fare has been verified on the following sites, though if you’re late to the party, it may no longer be available. Use "OSL" as the destination airport. (deal screenshot)

IMPORTANT: To get this fare, you'll need to exploit the advantageous GBP-to-USD exchange rate; otherwise, it'll cost you $400+. To do this:

  1. Make sure you're on the Norwegian UK site.
  2. Choose an itinerary that adds up to £288 or £307 which is equal to $372 or $397 at today's conversion. If you want to check a bag, it will cost you another £50 or $65 total.
  3. When purchasing the ticket, make sure you use a credit card that charges no foreign transaction fees.
  4. Pat yourself on the back for gaming the system.