$498 rt JFK to Sofia

Turkish Airlines

8.0 Deal Rating

Deal Details

Savings: $151 / 23%
Stops: 1
Availability:  September through December
Sample Dates:
September 13th - September 20th
October 11th - October 18th
November 22nd - November 29th
December 6th - December 13th
Skytrax Airline Rating: 4 stars
Destination: Sofia, Bulgaria (SOF)

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This fare has been verified on the following sites, though if you’re late to the party, it may no longer be available. Use "SOF" as the destination airport.

Note that we do see fares for as low as $335 on GotoGate.com, a smaller online travel agent. We normally don't promote these sites given their lower standard of customer service. Furthermore, with these sites, it's possible that the airline will not honor the fare and your transaction will be cancelled (money refunded, of course).

If you do try one of these sites, avoid making additional travel plans until receiving confirmation from the airlinesomething that happens automatically with the larger OTAs like Expedia, Orbitz and Priceline.