$541 rt JFK to Cape Town

South African Airways

9.9 Deal Rating

Note: This is likely a mistake fare that will not last long.

Deal Details

Savings: $400 / 45%
Stops: 1
Availability: September and October. That said, as this is likely a mistake fare, it probably won't last due to demand or price adjustment by the airline. We wouldn't be surprised if this was gone tomorrow.
Sample Dates:
September 14th - September 22nd
September 18th - September 28th
September 20th - September 27th
October 3rd - October 12th
October 12th - October 19th
October 18th - October 27th
Skytrax Airline Rating4 stars
Destination: Cape Town, South Africa (CPT)

Get The Deal

This fare has been verified on the following sites, though if you’re late to the party, it may no longer be available. Use "CPT" as the destination airport. (screenshot of qualifying itinerary)

IMPORTANT: To get this price, you must use Expedia's New Zealand site as this will allow you to take exploit advantageous currency conversion. The price will come out to 755 NZD which, at today's exchange rate, is $541 USD. Be sure to use a credit card that has no foreign transaction fees, or else you'll be paying an extra 3%!

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