$681 rt LAX to Auckland

American Airlines

10 Deal Rating

A vibrant melting pot of cultures with heavy Polynesian influence, Auckland provides a cosmopolitan experience immersed in a fascinating marine world dotted with over 50 islands.

Heads Up

This is a HUGE sale saving you $500+ on nonstop service to Auckland. While not one of our preferred carriers, American Airlines is still making it really easy to GTFO with this deal.

Update: 6/22, 11:30pm pst - It looks like American Airlines has adjusted the price to $799—likely due to demand. While it's still a great deal, we'd now rate it an 8.6.


This airfare may last several minutes or several days depending upon deal popularity. At the time of this posting, we see limited fare availability in August and September with more dates in January 2017 through the Spring for $15 more—the 2017 dates offering warmer weather since New Zealand's seasons are inverted.  Sample dates are listed below.

  • August 9th - August 17th
  • August 15th - August 22nd
  • August 17th - August 24th
  • September 8th - September 15th (+$15)
  • January 30th - February 7th (+$15)
  • February 14th - February 22nd (+$15)
  • March 6th - March 13th (+$15)

Check the sites in the Get The Deal section to explore these or other date options. 

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This fare has been verified on the following sites, though if you’re late to the party, it may no longer be available. Use "AKL" as the destination airport.

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