$305 rt JFK to Virgin Islands

Delta Airlines

9.2 Deal Rating

The consummate setting for snorkeling and watersports, this gateway to the U.S. Virgin Islands is known for its pristine white-sand beaches, 17th century Danish colonial architecture, fine dining of West Indian influence, and high-end duty-free shopping (for all you opportunistic consumers out there).

Heads Up

This is a great deal from Delta offering nonstop service about $40 cheaper than one-stop options. Note that American Airlines is offering the same fare if you prefer that carrier.


This airfare may last several minutes or several days depending upon deal popularity. At the time of this posting, we see fare availability July through November—Labor Day included. Below are sample itineraries:

  • July 4th - July 20th
  • August 5th - August 9th
  • September 1st - September 8th
  • September 10th - September 17th
  • October 13th - October 17th

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