$714 rt SFO to Sydney

China Eastern

6.5 Deal Rating

A mix of historical charm and contemporary flavor, this vibrant harbor city offers idyllic beaches, iconic cityscapes, world-class dining and entertainment, and much more. And no, a dingo won't eat your baby. 

Heads Up

This is a rare fare at 40% off comparable itineraries. That said, it's a long journey to Sydney involving two stops and 15+ hours of layovers (Shanghai and Nanjing) each way. Opportunistic travelers might view this as a chance to experience another city, though most would find 40-50 hours (each way) on a 3-star airline rather inconvenient.


This airfare may last several minutes or several days depending upon deal popularity. At the time of this posting, we only see availability with September 3rd departures. Sample itineraries are listed below.

  • September 3rd - September 10th
  • September 3rd - September 13th
  • September 3rd - September 15th
  • September 3rd - September 15th

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