$645 rt SFO to Maldives

China Eastern Airlines

7.9 Deal Rating

A tropical paradise of pristine pristine beaches, the bluest lagoons, and extensive reefs that invite diving and snorkeling. It's gradually sinking under rising waters so be sure to visit before it becomes the modern-day Atlantis.

Heads Up

Rock-bottom fare though the airline leaves a little to be desired. In fact, I think the passengers take turns flying the plane. We kid, we kid. Hey, it's not a premium carrier but, with a fare this low, how could you not?

Note that most flights have a long layover in Shanghai which could be good or bad depending on how you use it.


This airfare may last several minutes or several days depending upon deal popularity. At the time of this posting, we see fare availability in September and October—and also stretching into November for a few bucks more. Sample itineraries are listed below. Check the sites in the "Get The Deal” section to explore these or other date options. 

  • September 28th - October 5th
  • September 23rd - October 3rd

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