About GTFO Flights

There’s a whole world out there to see. Fortunately, declining oil prices paired with increased airline competition has made “now” the perfect time to scratch places off your bucket list. At GTFO Flights, we scour the web for ridiculously-low, often short-lived airfares so you can opportunistically GTFO on a dimeoftentimes at more than half off! Srsly. 

Our Deal Ratings

We rate the badassness of deals using a 0 to 10 scoring system. While price is certainly a major factor, it's certainly not the only thing that matters. Heck, if someone offered you a $25 airfare to Paris on a propeller plane, you'd probably decline... politely, of course. 

Our deal ratings are based on a combination of factors including the size of the discount, airline grades as derived from published quality rankings, itinerary friendliness (#of connections, layover duration, etc.) and aircraft amenities (Wi-Fi, power outlets, etc). Since our goal is to bring you the most epic deals, you probably won't see anything rated below a 5or anything on a propeller plane.

Other FAQs

How long do these airfares last? 

It depends—from several minutes to a few days or weeks depending on the deal popularity. Some more insight:

The remaining deals are highly variable and can last from days to weeks. If we know a deal has expired, we'll cross it out on the site. That said, as airfare pricing is fairly fluid, we're unable to update status on most of the deals we post. 

Just remember... these are all pretty rad airfares, so if you're interested in a deal, it's best to act fast. Tip: Be in the know and sign up for our deals newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Do I purchase my tickets from GTFO Flights? 

No! We simply find the fares and point you to websites where you can purchase the flights. In the interest of full transparency, we have affiliate relationships with some of these sites—meaning, if we refer you to Expedia and you purchase a flight, we receive a small commission. This helps us keep the lights on. 

Why are fares sometimes cheaper on off-brand travel sites? 

Especially for international travel, smaller online travel agents (OTAs) such as FareBoom tend to offer tickets at a deeper discount than mainstream sites in order to attract customers. Otherwise, folks would just buy from the Expedia, Orbitz and Pricelines of the world—or purchase directly from the airline. When we see a great deal from one of these smaller OTAs, we'll publish it; otherwise, we'll send you to the airline's site.

While it varies on a site-by-site basis, the main differences between smaller and larger OTAs is that the "mom-and-pops"...

  • Generally have less robust customer service (i.e., they don't have massive 24/7 call centers of course)
  • May not offer the full amenities of larger OTAs such as refundable fares within 24 hours of purchase
  • May be slow to update their prices, so very rarely, they'll advertise fares that the airline won't accept. For example, during the checkout process, you may get a message saying that the price has changed. Note that this isn't exclusive to small OTAs; it also happens on sites like Expedia from time to time.

For the vast majority of travel transactions, these differences are negligible. 

If these flights deals are sooooo good, does the GTFO team buy them?

No doubt. Like you, we love to travel but we hate putting down fat stacks of cash for airfare. So, yep, we absolutely eat our own dog food—and we do it often. Here are some of the deals we personally bought over the past year—all roundtrip from SFO, OAK or LAX:

  • Miami, $136 via United (nonstop)
  • Cancun: $179 via Volaris
  • Cape Town, South Africa: $278 via Ethiopian Airlines
  • London: $345 via Virgin Atlantic (nonstop)
  • Hong Kong: $369 via Delta
  • Paris: $399 via Delta

We love this site. How can we show support? 

Ok, so maybe this isn't a "frequently asked question" but indulge us for a minute...

GTFOFlights is a hobby for us (we all have day jobs). The little money we get from our sparse advertising keeps the lights on; it pays for the thousands of emails we send, our giveaways, deals researchers, etc. If you want to do us (and yourself) a solid, use our referral link to sign up for Ebates and start earning cash back on your online purchases. It really is free money.

How it works: Suppose you want something from Target.com. Instead of going directly to their site, click to it from Ebates.com and they'll give you cash back—typically between 1-10%, sometimes more. The reason they can do this is because Target pays them a commission for referring traffic, and so they're simply kicking back some of that commission to you. They'll also give you a $10 cash bonus upon sign-up.

It's really a no-brainer—even if you only do a moderate amount of online shopping. Join Ebates and start raking in that dough!

Ok, back to GTFOFlights... how do I get you guys to post more flight deals from my city? 

As the people's travel blog, our deal volume is based on demand. Currently, our postings have a slight bias for San Francisco and New York City because we get most of our traffic from those locations. The best way to get more deals posted for your city is to spread the word; share GTFOFlights with folks in your area, and if a good number come, you'll see an uptick in flight deals.

When is GTFO coming to my city? 

We're eager to expand to new cities. However, it takes time to find, qualify, and curate our deals, so we do so based on popular demand. If you're interested in getting sweet flight deals from your city, get folks from your area—family, friends, frenemies—to rally behind your request and tell us they want us there too... 

Simply point people to this page using the link http://www.gtfoflights.com/faq/#addmycity and encourage them to vote below. Once we get enough votes from a particular departure city, we'll start posting deals for that city. At present, the top 3 most requested cities are: 1) Atlanta 2) Miami/Ft. Lauderdale and 3) Dallas. 

Note that voting does not sign you up for our deals mailing list; we'll merely email you once to notify you that your city has launched. 

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